Central Office Announcements April 2020


AREA 55 GENERAL SERVICE- April 5, 2020 DCM@ 11:30   GENERAL Assembly at 1


INTERGROUP BUSINESS MEETING Saturday, pril 25, 2020   Faith Lutheran Church, 2440 South Ave., Toledo, OH 43609.  @ 6:30 pm.  Dinner.  $5 a plate, take out available.  Can’t beat that


ACCESSIBILITIES COMMITTEE (SPECIAL NEEDS/SHUT-IN COMMITTEE):  The committee is looking for new members who would like to carry the message to those who are no longer capable of getting out to meetings.  We mail cards, make phone calls, and visit.  “Shut-Ins” were     the hands of AA that reached out too many of us when we needed help.  They’re still reaching out”.  Please call Please call YNDA at 419-944-4713 or Central Office 419-380-9862 if you know of anyone who needs to be put on the list.   Our Next Meeting is Monday, APRIL 13,2020 @ Central Office at 6:30 pm.


 ARCHIVES COMMITTEE:  The Area 55 Archives Committee is asking for donations of archival materials:  Flyers, pamphlets, letter and other items that are of interest to Area 55.  These items may be donated during our monthly meeting or brought to Central Office.  We can bring the Archive Display to your group Anniversary or any other AA activity, please give us 2 weeks notice.  Please call 419-807-4554 for more information.  Would groups please submit names with 25 years of sobriety or more to the Archives Committee and please update your Group History, you may send this information to Central Office or to our PO Box 401, Toledo OH 43697. Next Meeting, APRIL 27, 2020 @ 7:30 Tim Hortons 2621 Navarre Oregon, Ohio


CENTRAL OFFICE COMMITTEE: Second Thursday @ 5pm, APRIL 9, 2020


MULTI-DISTRICT CORRECTIONAL COMMITTEE:   Our next meeting is Monday, APRIL 21,2020 at 5:30 pm at Central Office, 3328 Glanzman Rd., Toledo, Ohio.  For more information, please call Dawn at 419-396-1552 or Central Office, 419-380-9862.  


ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE: The Entertainment Committee wishes to invite anyone interested in some fun on a Committee to our next meeting at Central Office, Wednesday, APRIL 8, 2020 @ 7:30 P.M.


FINANCE COMMITTEE:   Our next meeting is Monday, APRIL 6, 2020 @5:30 pm. Want to get active doing something different?  Why not try the Finance Committee and help with the activities that the Finance Committee is responsible for?


GRAPEVINE COMMITTEE: The Committee would like all groups to know their committee will come to your group with the Grapevine display anytime.  Please call Wendy at 419-508-6860 or Central Office @419-380-9862. 



HOSPITAL COMMITTEE:  Our next meeting is Tuesday, APRIL 14, 2020 at 6:30 pm @Central Office, 3328 Glanzman Rd., Toledo, Ohio.  Anyone interested in joining the committee may call Central Office @419-380-9862


NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE:  INVITES OLD-TIMERS AND NEWCOMERS…. It’s a great way to get active in service.  Be a part of this informative and inspiring publication.  Our regular scheduled meeting the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This month is Wednesday, APRIL 8, 2020   The proofing meeting begins at 5:30 pm and the business meeting begins at 6 pm.  NEXT MAILING MEETING: is Monday, APRIL 20, 2020 at 5:00 pm at Central Office.


PLEASE NOTE:  12 Step West continues to meet at 8:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE:  The Multi-District Correctional Committee no longer has the WORK RELEASE as a Group responsibility.

PLEASE NOTE: 12 Step Study South will change their meeting time to 8 pm.  Effective immediately.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Kenwood Group, needs Support!

PLEASE NOTE: NEW MEETING: BG AM After Hours Sunday O Discussion 8pm St. John’s Episcopal Church 1505 Wooster

PLEASE NOTE:  AA at the VA (Veteran’s Admin. Bldg. needs support to survive!!  It is Open to all, not just Veterans, Thursday 2 pm.  Room 216


                                                                COMMITTEE MEETINGS   April 2020

All meetings are held at Central Office, Toledo, Ohio (UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED)


2 Children’s Christmas @ 5:30

  6 Finance @ 5:30




13 Accessibilities @ 6:30

14  Hospital  @ 6:30


8 Newsletter @ 6

   8 Entertainment @! 7


15 CPC/PI @ 5:00 pm

21 Correctional @ 5:30


11 Entertainment @ 7


9 Central Office @ 5

27    Archives @ 7:30 at Tim Hortons 2621 Navarre Ave.






2465 Collingwood

Wed. 8 pm

1 Guides to Progress


     8 Kenwood


     15 Living Sober


22 Maumee How it Works


29 Maumee Sunday Night






Driver Intervention


Courtyard @


9789 Cark Dr.

Rossford, OH

8 pm



4 Some are Sicker than Others


Driver Intervention


Courtyard @ Marriott

1435 E. Mall Dr.

Holland, OH

Sat.  8 pm


18 Downtown








Website address is   www.toledoaa.com

Our Email address is toledoaa@buckeye-access.com

Our Snail Mail address is Central Office, 3328 Glanzman Rd., Toledo, OH 43614




The Newsletter accepts special event listings, (must be sponsored by a group) @ $9, individual anniversaries, and birthdays @$1What a deal!!!…

And your Experience, Strength and Hope at no extra charge!!!

Mail your news to Central Office or call us at 419-380-9862.  Email us at Central Office c/o the Newsletter at